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2017 Toyota Mirai in Amityville

“The future. Available now.” —Toyota.com

Starting at :

  • 3 Years' worth of complimentary fuel
  • 312 EPA-rated miles per tank
  • 5 Minutes to refuel (approximately)
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Westbury Toyota Dealership near Amityville has the perfect vehicle for you, whether you're in the Amityville area, or traveling from any of the surrounding cities and communities. We have an enormous selection of new and used cars, including many tempting incentives on the 2017 Toyota Mirai for our local Amityville customers. No matter the drive you have to make to get to our dealership, we promise you won't be disappointed when you're driving back home in a luxurious 2017 Toyota Mirai, or any used or certified pre-owned vehicle.

Westbury Toyota Dealership nearby Amityville is proud to be one of the top Toyota Dealers in the Southeast, as well as the top competitor in pre-owned cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs in Amityville and surrounding communities. We are a proud family owned and operated Toyota dealership, and we take pride in servicing our customers with the utmost respect. Please feel free to look through our vast new and used inventory of 2017 Toyota Mirai and other desired Toyota vehicles. We have hundreds of new and pre-owned vehicles in stock, ready for instant delivery. Therefore, we look forward to assisting you in any way we possibly can and doing whatever it takes to earn your trust and business.

Toyota Mirai Dealer in Amityville

Toyota PERFORMANCE Performance Icon

2017 Toyota Mirai intake grills


The FCV's front intake grills deliver the outside air to the fuel cell stack.

2017 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen


When you pump hydrogen into the vehicle, the gas travels to a carbon-fiber reinforced fuel tanks where it's stored.

2017 Toyota Mirai Electricity


Hydrogen travels from the tanks to the fuel cell stack. There, it goes through a chemical reaction involving the oxygen in the air, creating electricity to power the vehicle.

2017 Toyota Mirai performance


When you put your foot on the gas pedal, electricity from the fuel cell stack is sent to the motor.

2017 Mirai APPEARANCE Appearance Icon

2017 Toyota Mirai Mirrors


Heated outside mirrors with power-folding feature

2017 Toyota Mirai LED Headlamps

LED Headlamps

LED headlamps with auto high-beam feature

Toyota Mirai COMFORT Comfort Icon

2017 Toyota Mirai Noise-Reducing Glass

Acoustic Noise-Reducing Glass

Acoustic noise-reducing glass for the windshield, driver-side and front-passenger-side windows.

2017 Toyota Mirai Premium audio system

Audio System

Premium audio system with Navigation, JBL and Entune App Suite.

2017 Toyota Mirai touch controls


Intelligent touch controls for climate and audio.

2017 Toyota Mirai airbags

Eight SRS Airbags

The cabin is equipped with a driver and front passenger Advanced Airbag System, front seat-mounted side airbags for the driver and front passenger, front and rear side curtain airbags, plus driver knee and front passenger seat-cushion airbags. They're all part of a system designed to help keep you safe.

2017 Toyota Mirai seats

SofTex® seats

8-way power-heated SofTex® seats with power lumbar

2017 Toyota Mirai SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon

Basic Warranty 36 month / 36,000 miles

36 months/36,000 miles (all components other than normal wear and maintenance items).

Powertrain Warranty 60 month / 60,000 miles

60 months/60,000 miles (engine, transmission/transaxle, drive system, seatbelts and airbags).

Rust-Through Warranty 60 month / 60,000 miles

60 months/unlimited miles (corrosion perforation of sheet metal).
2017 Toyota Mirai Safety Main Img
2017 Toyota Mirai safety

Tanks Designed Not To Leak

Our multi-patented, carbon-fiber-wrapped, polymer-lined tanks are built in a three-layer structure and absorb five times the crash energy of steel.

2017 Toyota Mirai Collision

In a High-Speed Collision, Sensors Stop The Flow Of Hydrogen

To prevent hydrogen from traveling to potentially damaged systems outside of the tank, the system automatically shuts the tank's hydrogen output valve.

2017 Toyota Mirai Leaked Hydrogen

Any Leaked Hydrogen is Quickly Dispersed

All hydrogen-related parts are located outside the cabin and designed to help ensure leaked hydrogen doesn't build up.

2017 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Leaks

Hydrogen Escapes Safely Into The Atmosphere

Since the gas is lighter than air, it rapidly disperses, reducing the time window to cause damage in the event of an ignition.

Achievements of tomorrow have arrived today. The sophisticated 2017 Toyota Mirai was the first of its kind in 2016. Emitting nothing more than distilled water, the advanced new Mirai is a hydrogen fuel-cell car. Since its debut last year, it continues to be the highest-selling fuel-cell vehicle in the United States. Limited to California for now, the 2017 Mirai carries a combination of tomorrow's technology and a futuristic design that invites curious attention right away. Every aspect of the new Mirai is designed rich with Toyota innovation and is highly efficient and reliable. It is a vehicle of change and change means growth. With more than a 300-mile driving range and impressive 67-mpg, the new Toyota Mirai delivers all the benefits of an EV without charging cord limitations. Hydrogen fueling stations continuously grow in numbers and refueling takes a few mere minutes unlike hours of plug-in charge times. Delivered as well-appointed as you would expect, the new 2017 Toyota Mirai offers a near soundless drive, the comfort of supportive heated seating, and immediate torque for quick acceleration.

If you're looking for a classy Toyota close to Amityville, be sure to stop by our proud dealership and check out our large inventory of new and used vehicles. You will find all the necessary help and information with our friendly sales staff and knowledgeable financing department to get you into an enticing 2017 Toyota Mirai or any Toyota of your choice. Also, if for some reason you cannot find the right Toyota for you, take advantage and utilize our CarFinder tool to complete the form and let us know exactly what Toyota you desire. We encourage our customers to browse our website, search through our inventory, schedule test drives, and ultimately come to Westbury Toyota for your ideal 2017 Toyota Mirai.

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